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Fort Alvo Grande was a fortress located in the swamps of Panama.


Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner arrived here in search of the Skull of Teoxuacata, which was hidden in the fortress' treasury. However, the two were betrayed by their crew, led by Stubb (a crewmember), who stole the skull for himself and departed, leaving Jack and Will to the mercy of the Portuguese soldiers.

The pirates were sent to the gallows, with Alberto Chaves presiding. Jack began to tell the stories of his adventures, while Chaves and the crowd listened intently. Once Jack had finished, Alberto congratulated Sparrow, saying that his story will told for generations to come, yet he still ordered the execution to proceed. The two captives were saved at the last moment by Elizabeth Swann, and together the trio defeated the Chaves Brothers and destroyed the fort with the Black Pearl's cannons.


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