The Dutch Flute.

"Instead of sending that flute we'll be boarding today to the sea bottom, I could merely capture her, and give her to you, mon ami, to captain for me. Admittedly, she's a bit unwieldy and slow, but one must start somewhere. What say you, Jacques?"
Christophe-Julien de Rapièr to Jack Sparrow[src]

A flute, also known as fluyt and fleut, was a type of Dutch sailing vessel originally designed as a dedicated cargo vessel. Originating from the Netherlands in the 16th century, the vessel was designed to facilitate transoceanic delivery with the maximum of space and crew efficiency. The inexpensive ship — which could be built in large numbers — usually carried 12 to 15 cannons, but was still an easy target for pirates. Nonetheless, the flute was a significant factor in the 17th century rise of the Dutch seaborne empire.


"I took a very nice schooner that was carrying fabric bound for Charleston, and then a flute loaded with tea and spices."
Esmeralda to Jack Sparrow[src]

By the early 1730s, flutes were common ships in the Caribbean waters. When the rogue pirate Christophe-Julien de Rapièr escaped from Shipwreck Island, he and his crew attacked and captured a Dutch flute. When the pirates looted her, they slaughtered the crew and left the ship to sink. Five years later, the Pirate Lord Esmeralda captured a flute loaded with tea and spices in the waters of the Bahamas.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The look of the Flying Dutchman was partially inspired by old Dutch "fluyts"—17th-century vessels which resembled galleons—and more specifically, the Vasa, a massive Swedish warship which sank in Stockholm's harbor upon its maiden voyage in 1628 (the ship was salvaged in 1961 and housed in a special museum in the Swedish capital). With its high, heavily ornamented stern, the ship provided a rich foundation for Rick Heinrichs' wilder and more fantastical designs.[1][2]


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