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Falaise de Fleur
General information

North America


Caribbean Sea

Points of interest

Octopus Bay

Notable inhabitants

Virgile Boon


French colonists


Kingdom of France
French Royal Navy

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

Latest appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

Falaise de Fleur was an island located in the South Archipelago in the Caribbean and was host to a French colony. It was in close proximity to Oxbay.


Falaise de Fleur appears to be a quite large town, although not very much filled with buildings. Most houses are mere huts, although there are a few three-story houses. In the center is the palace of the governor. In this square there are many French officers, they don't have time to chat with strangers. In front of the palace there are two merchants. Farther in front is a church. Near the port is a beach where a large ship is under construction. The perilious ship, the Black Pearl, was once encountered by Nathaniel Hawk in Falaise de Fleur bay.

Falaise de Fleur has a store, a shipyard, a tavern, a Loanshark's Office, a church, and a Governor's Residence. The French governor will assign any willed captain to sink the British corvetteblocking the French fleet's route.

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