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The Executioner.
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Hangman's noose


Port Royal
East India Trading Company

Behind the scenes
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The Curse of the Black Pearl

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At World's End


Robert Elmore


The Executioner was a man who's job it was to kill criminals. He conducted the botched hanging of Jack Sparrow as well as the mass executions carried out by Lord Cutler Beckett.

Biography Edit

The executioner lived in Port Royal and dedicated to this same profession, like all the executors, his face was covered, so to this day, his identity is unknown. He also took the boots of all executed people.

He directed the failed execution of Jack Sparrow, in which he was saved by William Turner, Will admitted that he did not care, if he had failed and the only thing that achieved was that the executioner had 2 pairs of boots instead of one, since his consciousness would be calm.

He also directed the massive execution of pirates in Port Royal, due to the new rules established by Lord Cutler Beckett, in which he had to execute a child, simply to be related to piracy, which the executioner made him stand in a box. This execution is remarkable, since all the prisoners began to sing the song Hoist the Colours that finishes calling the Fourth Brethren Court

Behind the Scenes Edit


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