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The Curse of the Black Pearl

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The Curse of the Black Pearl


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"Well, that Will Turner. He's a fine man too."
is too bold."
"Beggin' your pardon, miss. It was not my place.
―Estrella and Elizabeth Swann on Will Turner[src]

Estrella was a maid most notably employed in Port Royal in Governor Weatherby Swann's household. It was Estrella and another maid who delivered a dress to Elizabeth Swann, though the dress would later cause Swann to faint and fall over the wall of Fort Charles. She later placed a bed-warmer in Swann's room, and on the same night the mansion was attacked by cursed pirates, prompting Estrella to flee on Elizabeth's advice.

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Not much is known of Estrella's early life, only that at some point before 1728 she became a maid. She would most notably work in the Governor's household in the town of Port Royal.

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Estrella, along with a fellow maid, presented Elizabeth Swann with a dress and corset, apparently the latest fashion in London. The tightness of this corset later caused Elizabeth to faint and tumble off the battlements of Fort Charles.[1]

Later that evening, Estrella placed a bed-warmer into Elizabeth's bed and discussed with her the events of that day—during which Elizabeth had been rescued and subsequently held hostage by Jack Sparrow— finally noting suggestively Elizabeth's affection for the young blacksmith apprentice Will Turner, rather than the newly-promoted Commodore James Norrington. Elizabeth told her off, saying it was too bold. Estrella apologized and left the room.[1]

When the mansion was besieged by Hector Barbossa's crew, Estrella hid upstairs until Elizabeth entered. Estrella believed that the crew of the Black Pearl had come to kidnap her, likely for ransom, as she warned Elizabeth "you're the Governor's daughter". Following Elizabeth's advice, Estrella later fled the mansion, noticing the butler's corpse and screaming on the way out.[1] Her further fate is unknown.

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