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El Grande
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Marty (brother)

Weapon(s) owned


Ship(s) captained or crewed

Pequeño's ship



Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Legend of Jack Sparrow

Latest appearance

The Legend of Jack Sparrow


Keith Ferguson (voice)

"Wild guess...I take you to be El Grande. Marty the dwarf's brother."
"How do you know who I am?"
"Family resemblance."
"Enough jokes! You're finished, you scurvy dogs!
Jack Sparrow, El Grande and Will Turner[src]

El Grande was the brother of Marty and henchman to Pequeño.


"By the out for my brother, El Grande...he's Pequeño's right hand man, and he's looking for you."
Marty to Jack Sparrow[src]

He lived in Tortuga and was known to follow his master's every whim. When Jack Sparrow arrived in Tortuga in order to assemble a crew, he was confronted by Pequeno and broke his leg. El Grande was dispatched to destroy the pirate and his associate Will Turner, but was defeated by his own bombs.

Later, Pequeno attempted to blow up the HMS Interceptor but was foiled by the pirates and again dispatched El Grande to find them. He was defeated when his master collapsed on top of him.

Equipment and skillsEdit

El Grande was highly skilled with bombs and explosives, using them to a high degree during his brief fight with Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.

Behind the scenesEdit


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