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Edward Teague's ring
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Before 1720s


Edward Teague
Jack Sparrow


Edward Teague
Jack Sparrow

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Sins of the Father

Latest appearance

Sins of the Father

"Can't you ever just state something clear and concise like?"
"Just be warned him came here looking for you. Him wants him ring back.
Jack Sparrow and Tia Dalma[src]

This ring was a magical piece of jewelry owned by Captain Edward Teague, Keeper of the Code. It was made out of a large gold band and a large amethyst. It had a unique ability to submit the persons present to the wearer's will.


"It's okay, Jackie, I know you took one of my rings before you left town."
Edward Teague to Jack Sparrow[src]

It was unknown how Teague got this ring but it proved to be very useful. During the attack on the Misty Lady, Fitzwilliam P. Dalton III and young Jack Sparrow were locked in a gritty duel to the death until Teague stepped in and used the mysterious powers of the ring to make Fitzwilliam stop fighting and row Jack and Teague back to the Misty Lady. Teague later revealed that the ring could make anyone do what the wielder of the ring wanted. As a parting gift, Teague gave Jack his ring.[1] Jack wore the ring for the rest of his teenage adventures.

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