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EITC clerk
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Ship(s) captained or crewed

HMS Endeavour


East India Trading Company

Behind the scenes
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At World's End

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At World's End


JB Blanc

"Not more requisition orders?"
"No, sir. Execution.
Governor Weatherby Swann and the clerk[src]

This man served with the East India Trading Company as a clerk.

Biography Edit

Nothing is known of this clerk's past or his early life, except that at an unknown point he became clerk in the East India Trading Company, working close to Lord Cutler Beckett himself.

The EITC Clerk was present in Lord Cutler Beckett's cabin aboard the HMS Endeavour, talking to Governor Weatherby Swann while Ian Mercer talked to Beckett.

The clerk informed Weatherby Swann of the executions that recently took place at Port Royal, right as James Norrington gained his sword.

Behind the scenesEdit


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