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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Dead Men Tell No Tales. Caution is advised.

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Dying Gull
Dying Gull
Career information
Port of registry





Jack Sparrow
Joshamee Gibbs

Notable crewmembers

Crew of the Dying Gull


Henry Turner (prisoner)
Carina Smyth (prisoner)



Technical information



1 swivel gun


Crew of the Dying Gull

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Latest appearance

Dead Men Tell No Tales


Rainbow Gypsy

"She floats!"

The Dying Gull was a sloop that sailed in the Caribbean during the 1750s.

Design and appearanceEdit

A single-masted sloop class vessel, the Dying Gull was old but still sturdy enough to stay afloat. She was propelled by five sails, one spanker, one topsail, and three fore stay sails. She had eight gunports but no visible cannons on deck. However, she was armed with one swivel gun.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The Dying Gull was portrayed by the Rainbow Gypsy in Dead Men Tell No Tales. In some scenes, a replica of the ship was used.[1]
  • In early concept work of Jeremy Love, the Dying Gull was more bigger than in the finished version of the film, also having a bigger black sail.[2]


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Notes and referencesEdit

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