Anamaria's dory, Jolly Mon.

"What made you decide to go out rowing around the cove today, looking at sloops, boy? And how did you wind up with Don Rafael's dory?"
"I loaned Jack my dory, Captain Teague.
Edward Teague and Esmeralda[src]

A dory (also spelled doree or dorey) was a small, shallow-draft boat of approximately 5 to 7 m (15 to 22 ft) in length. Larger dorys commonly included a single mast and sail.

These boats were commonly used by freelance fisherman, and were often carried aboard fishing schooners to be deployed to lay longlines or tend nets. Dories were once used to travel dangerous whitewater rivers, where their superior maneuverability made them preferable over other watercraft available at the time, though were later supplanted in this field by inflatable rafts.

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