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Dix was the Mayor of the town of Saint Martin on the island of the same name in 1751.

Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Dix's early life. At some point, he settled on the island of Saint Martin, but he felt that he was wasting years on that small piece of land and squandering his talents as politician, so he became involved in politics and eventually became Mayor of the town of Saint Martin. He also married a woman named Frances at some point of his life. With the charge of Mayor in his hands, Dix collaborated with Lieutenant John Scarfield of the British Royal Navy in order to impose the law in the city and provide security to its inhabitants, which were just drunks, sailors and a handful of elite.[2]

Dix's main interest, like Scarfield, was his reputation, and he had to contend along Scarfield with the ever-constant threat of pirates and, of late, as rash of apparent witch sightings. To solidify himself as a man of importance, Dix decided to open the secure Royal Bank of Saint Martin, which as having ties with the continent, that probably meant that more people would be attracted to Saint Markin, allowing Dix to rid the island of the riffraff and making the island a destination for wealthy people.[2]

Jack Sparrow's interference in his plans Edit

After days of waiting, Mayor Dix announced the opening of the Royal Bank of Saint Martin in front of the townspeople. He assured them that no one could ever rob the bank of Saint Martin. However, when they opened the vault, Captain Jack Sparrow was sleeping inside. As Sparrow woke up, Dix ordered a group of Royal Marines to shoot him. But before they could, they discovered a woman in the vault with him. Dix told them to ignore the woman and fire, but a citizen informed him that it was his wife. Dix's wife quickly ran away from the bank, and the Mayor ran after her while ordering his men to shoot Sparrow and finish him.[3]

Later, Dix and several Royal Marines found Jack Sparrow in the street and arrested him. The next morning, Jack and "witch" Carina Smyth were to be executed. Dix sat in the audience with his wife. However, before Jack or Carina could be killed, Henry Turner and the crew of the Dying Gull arrived to rescue Jack. Following the escape of both Smyth and Sparrow, Dix send Scarfield to capture them, but during the quest, Scarfield ended up losing his life under a curious twist of events.[3] His further fate is unknown.

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