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Disney Press is the division of The Walt Disney Company responsible for publishing books. The books they publish are usually related to a Disney movie or television show. They seem to mostly handle books aimed as the younger audience.

Notable publicationsEdit

Gift/collectors' booksEdit

Junior novelsEdit

The Curse of the Black PearlEdit

Dead Man's ChestEdit

At World's EndEdit

On Stranger TidesEdit

Jack SparrowEdit

Storybook/picture bookEdit

Novelty non-fictionEdit

The Black Pearl A Pop-Up Pirate Ship

The Black Pearl A Pop-Up Pirate Ship

Pirates of the Caribbean- From Ship to Shore

Pirates of the Caribbean: From Ship to Shore

The Curse of the Black Pearl- Captain Jack's Tale

The Curse of the Black Pearl: Captain Jack's Tale

Poster book

Poster book

External linksEdit

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