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Beckett Portrait

Cutler Beckett, the Director of West African Affairs for the East India Trading Company

"Good morning, gentlemen. I am Cutler Beckett, Director of West African Imports and Exports for the East India Trading Company. And whom do I have the pleasure of welcoming today?"
Cutler Beckett to Jack Sparrow and Robert Greene[src]

Director was a title used by the heads of certain government bureaucrats, private organizations, and other associations. It was used mainly by the East India Trading Company. One of the most famous holders of the title was the Director of West African Imports and Exports, Cutler Beckett.


Court of DirectorsEdit

The Court of Directors was the ruling body of the East India Trading Company. Based in London, England, the East India Company controlled most of the subcontinent of India. With the exception of China, the E.I.T.C. controlled a larger population by than any government of any country in the world. The Company was led by one Governor, who made up the Court of Directors. The Court of Directors of the Company were required to submit all communications regarding civil, military, and revenue matters in India for scrutiny by the British government.

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