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Deobia Oparei
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On Stranger Tides

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On Stranger Tides

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Deobia Oparei is an actor who had amassed an impressive array of credits on stage, screen and television, primarily in Britain. He portrayed Gunner in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.


Early life and careerEdit

Not much is known of Deobia Oparei's early life, but it is known he would take up acting at some point. He would have amassed an impressive array of credits on stage, screen and television, primarily in Britain.

On screen, he was seen in Aliens 3, Dark City, Moulin Rouge, Dirty Pretty Things, Thunderbirds, Doom, Mr. Nice, Legacy and Death Race. On stage, Oparei had performed at the Royal Court Theatre in Crazyblackmuthaf*ckinself and Clubland; at the National Theatre in Troilus and Cressida, Haroun and the Sea Stories and The White Devil; at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Cymbeline, Faustus, A Clockwork Orange and A Midsummer Night’s Dream; at Leicester Haymarket in The Broken Heart, Drums in the Night and The Bells; and at the Sydney Theatre Company in Six Degrees of Separation and Angels in America. On television, he had appeared in Minder, The Good Guys, Gallow Glass, Smile, Metrosexuality, Holby City and Answered by Fire.

Pirates of the CaribbeanEdit

In 2010, Deobia Oparei worked with director Rob Marshall and producer Jerry Bruckheimer in portraying Gunner, one of Blackbeard's zombie officers in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth film in the Pirates series.


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