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DJ smoke pipe

Davy Jones' smoking pipe

"An insult to cultivated and learned men the world over, the fiend smoked his tobacco in a beautifully carved pipe, displaying a dignity he did not possess."
Sir Thomas Faye[src]

At some point, Davy Jones owned a smoking pipe.


The bowl of the pipe was carved out of whale bone and elaborately decorated with ten miniature crab legs forming some kind of a crown. The shank and the mouthpiece were made of silver mined from the bottom of the ocean.

Davy Jones Smoking DMC

Davy Jones smoking his pipe.

Jones filled the pipe with a mixture which burned under water which allowed him to smoke even when the Flying Dutchman was submerged.

Oddly enough, Jones didn't seem to smoke much while under the command of Lord Cutler Beckett, possibly due to his being up tight and under the East India Trading Company.

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