David Donovan looking at the counterfit ticket

"Well then, I am Captain David Donovan."
―David Donovan to Billy Turner[src]

David Donovan was the captain of the Sea Star.


Donovan and his First Mate, Mr. Hawk, took Billy Turner aboard his ship to North Carolina at the Isle of Man. Towards the end of the voyage, it appeared that David and his crew were pirates and turned Billy over to the British Royal Navy in Bermuda. When Billy was eventually rescued by the crew of the La Fleur de la Mort, he met up with Donovan and the two pirate ships began to attack. It appeared that the Donovan had control over a terrifying eel-like sea monster. Luckily, Billy was able to subdue the creature by stabbing it in its heart. Once the brief battle was over, Donovan and his crew were captured and then marooned on an unknown island.


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