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Dark Teacher
Biographical information


Ethnic group

Unknown (probably Spanish)


1630, in his lair

Weapon(s) owned


Ship(s) captained or crewed



Animists Band

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean (game)

Last appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean (game)


Killed by Nathaniel Hawk in his cave

"You will die, and none will remember your feeble existence!"
"There's life in me yet, villain! En Garde!
―Dark Teacher and Nathaniel Hawk[src]

The Dark Teacher was the head of a gang of animists whom Father Bernard claimed to serve the devil.

Biography Edit

The "Dark Teacher" is known for organizing an animist cult in a small island beside Isla Muelle. The animists resided in a large, dark cave. The Dark Teacher had a private room, presumably for private purposes and meditation.

The Dark Teacher is known for kidnapping several children from Douwesen. The colony's local governor challenged Captain Nathaniel Hawk to reclaim these children and bring them back home. The Teacher's cult was said to be doing a kind of Ancient ritual, which may have been the reason why the children were taken hostage.

In a bloody swordfight, Nathaniel Hawk was able to slay down all the animists in their lair. Eventually, he confronted the Teacher himself in his private chamber. Nathaniel Hawk, though aware he was facing a formidable opponent (as the Teacher carried a Falchion as his weapon) courageously dueled with the Teacher. After a duel to the death, Nathaniel Hawk slew the Teacher himself.

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