Dark Paths is a musical theme composed by Hans Zimmer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It appeared as a track on the film's complete soundtrack.

Track DescriptionEdit

Mermaids Are Tough Sample

Blackbeard's diminished 5th are the mermaid theme as heard in "Dark Paths".

The track opens with the beginning of the "Queen Anne's Revenge" theme, decorated with tremolos on each note. Multiple statements of the first three notes of the theme from "On Stranger Tides" are then heard, followed by the diminished 5th interval heard at the beginning of "Blackbeard". Further interpolations of "Blackbeard" and "On Stranger Tides" are heard, as well as the mermaid theme.

The track theme moves into a dramatic section by restating the diminished 5th with a quavering tonic pedal on top played by the strings, followed by a fast, harsher statement of the mermaid theme, at the end of which the section climaxes at. The piece ends with a subtle statement of all of Blackbeard's themes, mixed with the first three notes of the "On Stranger Tides Theme".

The track plays as Blackbeard attempts to make Syrena cry by apparently excecuting Philip Swift.


  • This track is also known as "Mermaids Are Tough" from the alternative track listing.


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