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Cutler Beckett's cane, the pirate brand.

"We've had dealings in the past...and we've each left our mark on the other."
Cutler Beckett to Will Turner[src]

This walking cane was owned by Lord Cutler Beckett. It was used for both as a fashion statement and as a tool of intimidation. The cane's tip has a branding iron on it, the letter "P" for pirate.[1]


Beckett Portrait

Beckett holding his cane

At some point in his time as an East India Trading Company official, Cutler Beckett was given this cane so he could use it to brand pirates and as a fashion statement.

When Cutler Beckett's employee, Jack Sparrow, set free a cargo of slaves, this cane was used to brand Jack as a pirate for the rest of his life. At an unknown time, the cane appeared on Beckett's portrait when it was painted. Beckett was seen with this cane when he boarded the Flying Dutchman to set Davy Jones straight on his orders. While aboard the HMS Endeavour, Jack was holding the cane for a brief moment while in negotiations with Beckett.

It is unknown what happened to the cane after the War Against Piracy, though if it was still aboard the Endeavour at the time of the Battle of Calypso's Maelstrom, it was presumably destroyed along with the ship and Beckett himself.


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