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Courtroom Wench
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On Stranger Tides


Kitt Barrie

"String him up! Hang him high!"
―The wench on Joshamee Gibbs[src]

This woman was a wench present during the trial of Joshamee Gibbs, who was mistaken for Jack Sparrow, that took place at the Old Bailey in London.

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Not much is known about this woman's early life, but it's known that she was born in England. She lived in London, where she was presumably a member of the Old Bailey.[1]

During the trial of Joshamee Gibbs, a pirate believed to be the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow, the wench and another woman were present in the Old Bailey atop a balcony, eagerly awaiting Gibbs being sentenced to a hanging. However, Judge Smith (who was actually the real Jack Sparrow in disguise), declared that Gibbs be imprisoned rather than hung. The wench started yelling along with everyone else present, and started throwing things at the judges.[1] Her further fate is unknown.

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