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The Spaniard to his men[src]

A Spanish term, meaning "Let's go"; to go away, to leave, to depart.


Padres Del Fuego

Padres Del Fuego volcano

"The earth shakes. Boiling magma meets man's means of destruction. An island explodes. Many things are lost to man... Lost to the fury of the volcano's fire."
Tia Dalma[src]

A volcano is an opening, or rupture, in a planet's surface or crust, which allows hot magma, ash and gases to escape from below the surface. The word volcano is derived from Vulcano, the name of an island off Sicily which in turn was named after Vulcan, the Roman god of fire[1]. There were at least three volcanic islands in the Caribbean Sea: Padres Del Fuego, Isla Esquelética, and Opawy Wato.

Ven aquí o te arranco la cabezaEdit

"Nothing personal!"
"¡Sparrow, ven aquí o te arranco la cabeza!
Jack Sparrow and Angelica[src]

The meaning of this Spanish phrase is "Come here or I'll rip your head off". Angelica shouted this to Jack Sparrow when he told her that he's taking over the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Notes and referencesEdit

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