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Hector Barbossa


Hector Barbossa

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One Tooth Tommy


Sunken by rogue pirates

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Several cannons


Capture of the French barque
Battle off of Bermuda


Hector Barbossa
Brethren of the Coast

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The Price of Freedom

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The Price of Freedom


Destroyed by another pirate ship

"Me ship was a tidy little schooner name of Cobra."
Hector Barbossa to pirates assembled at Shipwreck Cove[src]

Cobra was a small pirate schooner captained by Hector Barbossa. It is possible that this ship was his first vessel.


"Two months ago, almost to the day, me ship Cobra was attacked and sunk by one of our own."
Hector Barbossa to pirates assembled at Pirate Hall[src]

It is unknown how Barbossa obtained the Cobra, by stealing it or in some other way. When the Cobra attacked and plundered a French barque loaded with ivory, she sailed to the waters north of Bermuda. She was soon spotted by a mysterious sloop, which turned out to be a pirate ship too. But surprisingly, the mysterious sloop opened fire on the Cobra. After the long, heavy fighting, the Cobra sank to the bottom of the ocean, resulting in deaths of many crews being killed by sharks. Barbossa almost drowned in a futile attempt to save Polly, his pet monkey, but he was saved by two of his crewmembers, Pintel and Ragetti.

Two months later, Barbossa and his men were picked up in Tortuga by Don Rafael, Pirate Lord of the Caribbean. Don Rafael took them to Shipwreck Cove, where Barbossa told the tale of his disaster to assembled pirates.


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