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Coasta Diabla
General information

South America


Caribbean Sea

Points of interest

Maldonado's palace

Notable inhabitants

Admiral Maldonado


Spanish colonists


Spanish Royal Navy
Kingdom of Spain
Maldonado's Armada

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Armada of the Damned

Last appearance

Armada of the Damned


Destroyed by the Armada of the Damned

Coasta Diabla was Admiral Maldonado's personal fortress during the Age of Piracy. It was located off the coast of South America.


It was originally a small Spanish colony that was assigned to Maldonado for governorship, but during his reign, he built walls around the city, built the village upon a series of raised battlements, built outlaying castles, and even constructed his own palace. At one point, the pirate known as James Sterling infiltrated Coasta Diabla to steal a part of his ship Nemesis from Maldonado's residence.

At some point, the city was destroyed by a pirate group known as the Armada of the Damned while searching for James Sterling.