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Christopher Syn
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Reverend Doctor

Also known as

Captain Clegg
The Scarecrow

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Behind the scenes
First appearance

Enter... the Scarecrow!

Latest appearance

Enter... the Scarecrow!

"A Scarecrow is what I am! One who never misses an opportunity to tweak the nose of old King George—or his sniveling servants!"
―Christopher Syn to Oliver Randolph Pynce-Jones III[src]

Christopher Syn, alias The Scarecrow, was an Englishman of many talents. In his life, he has been a pirate, smuggler, and vicar.

The Scarecrow rescued Jack Sparrow and several other people from the HMS Achilles. Jack Sparrow attempted to join The Scarecrow's crew, but was ultimately rejected.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The character of Doctor Syn was made by the novelist Russell Thorndike in 1915. He is the main hero of the series of adventure novels set in the 18th century. However, his appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe is a little anachronistic because Syn became known as the Scarecrow in 1775, and Enter... the Scarecrow! is set in the late 1740s.


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