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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Dead Men Tell No Tales. Caution is advised.

After regaining the Black Peal, Barbossa noted to Captain Sparrow that "there be room for only one captain" and tied Jack up to the front mast of the Pearl. After Bickering back and forth with Murtogg and Mullroy on allowing Carina to take the helm, they finally let go of the wheel and allowed Carina to follow her "star". Soon after Henry shouted "Red Coats! Red Coats!" that were sighted coming off the port bow aboard the Essex, Captained by Lieutenant Scarfield. Barbossa walked up to the helm and claimed that the pearl would not be taken from him again.

Scarfield used his spyglass to sight the Pearl and began to be confident in himself "Only the British Empire will hold the command of the sea." but his luck soon wore out, for he noticed the Silent Mary's hull lifting upward right above him. The Mary came crashing down on top of Scarfield and the Essex and sent the ship ablaze. Lieutenant Lesaro, Moss, Magda, and Capitan Salazar stood near each other as the fire consumed them, but were unaffected by it. Jack tried screaming through the cloth covering his mouth, and Barbossa drew his sword as Lesaro, Magda, Salazar, and most of the Silent Crew began to board the Pearl. A fight then broke out, Henry made his way to Jack and untied him before Salazar could reach him. Jack and Salazar engaged in a brutal fight as they hopped from vessel to vessel. Barbossa fought Lieutenant Lesaro aboard the Pearl, who managed to cut Barbossa's arm. But despite having one leg and being wounded, Barbossa was able to hold off the Lieutenant. As Jack lie on the ground of the Pearl, Salazar aimed his sword at Jack.

Officer Magda shouted "Land!" which startled the entire crew and they all began to retreat back to the Silent Mary. Salazar himself jumped back to the Mary, but took Henry with him. Some of Salazar's crew were turned into dust for touching land.

After Salazar's crew had either retreated or died, the Pearl crashed on the island of stars, ending the battle as the Silent Mary sailed outward toward open sea.

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