The Casa de Muertos, Spanish for House of the Dead, was a band of mysterious pirates that once appered on the beaches of Port Royal. They would send pirates to go out and make havoc for the British Royal Navy such as drugging soldiers, stealing defense plans and retriveing them voodoo protection charms. To gain a heafty award, the pirates carried out Casa de Muertos' orders. This turned out to be a big mistake for by taking out the charms, Port Royal was vunerable for attack by Jolly Roger and his invasion of Port Royal began swiftly afterward.

It seems that by doing this mission for Roger, the band recieved immortality and was later seen on numerous occasions, always fighting beside their cruel master, Jolly Roger. They soon resided in Padres Del Fuego, still offering pirates rewards for helping Roger.

Members of this accursed pirate brethren are:


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