Carrera de la Vega
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The Master of the Thousand Strike Spin

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Spanish Royal Navy

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The Legend of Jack Sparrow

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The Legend of Jack Sparrow


Nolan North (voice)

"Make your peace with God, gentlemen. You now face Don Carrera De La Vega. The master of the Thousand-Strike Spin!"
―Carrera de la Vega to Jack Sparrow and Will Turner[src]

Don Carrera de la Vega was a Spanish nobleman who sailed in the Spanish Armada. He was the master of the devastating "Thousand Strike Spin".



Don Carrera de la Vega.

"What is THIS? Could two lone pirates have bested the pride of the Spanish Armada?"
―Carrera de la Vega to Jack Sparrow and William Turner[src]

Carrera de la Vega captured Jack Sparrow and William Turner as they made their way, with the HMS Interceptor, to Tortuga in search of a crew. They managed to severely damage Carrera's ship before Jack made his escape leaving Will behind to briefly serve time in a Spanish silver mine.

Due to Jack's elaboration of events, it is uncertain as to whether he ever met Don Carrera, or even if such a man existed.

Personality and traitsEdit

Carrera de la Vega was a smug man and relished the opportunity to catch a stolen British vessel or pirates. He was also very impressed by Jack Sparrow and Will Turner for managing to defeat his crew and destroy his ship, implicating he liked a challenge.

Equipment and skillsEdit

As a Spanish Navy officer, Carrera de la Vega was an accomplished swordsman. He was able to hold his own against Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. His specialty was his self-made move the Thousand Strike Spin. It was a very powerful move, strong enough to shatter the steel plates on the ship's mast.

Behind the scenesEdit


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