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Jolly roger
"Dead men tell no tales! So, I'm forced to let ye live."
This article covers Pirates of the Caribbean Online, an online game which lasted from 2007 until it closed on September 19, 2013.
As such, the factual accuracy of this article may be disputed!
220px-Bronze John
"Ahh... Yes, I remember now; the scary looking bloke with the dreadlocks and a guitar. Unfortunate you missed him... He was escorted away by some Navy lads. Quite the scene... Luckily he paid me in advance for my services. I can only imagine what'll become of him. They left on a huge ship. Don't know the name, but it was a Frigate or Galleon."
―Bronze John about Edward Teague[src]

Bronze John was a hermit living on Driftwood Island. He often has pirates do errands for him, which occasionally end with with the pirate having to scuffle with him to get what they want.


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