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1751, died in the explosion of the Essex caused by the ghost ship Silent Mary.[1]



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British Royal Navy
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Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Dead Men Tell No Tales




Scott G. Anderson

"We're so sorry, sir."
"The witch escaped her chains."
"Find that wicked lass, or you'll swing in her place.
―The Young soldier, British officer and John Scarfield[src]

This man was an officer in the British Royal Navy stationed at Saint Martin under Lieutenant John Scarfield.

Biography Edit

"Come here, you pirate scum!"
―The officer to Cremble[src]

Along with a young officer, the British officer chased the supposed witch Carina Smyth through Saint Martin after she broke out of her cell. However, they weren't able to catch her, and the two had to report to Lieutenant John Scarfield. Scarfield warned him that if he couldn't catch her, he would be hanged instead of her. The two officer went off to find her as Scarfield left.

When Scarfield interrogated the so-called coward, Henry Turner, the British officer stood with him. When Carina Smyth appeared on the scene, this officer and several other officers chased her and captured her. Later on, after Carina was arrested and was to be executed along with Captain Jack Sparrow, the officer sat near Scarfield and Mayor Dix. However, as the two were about to executed, Jack's crew appeared and fought the Royal Marines, rescuing Sparrow and Carina. As Jack's crew fought the navy marines, the officer dueled with Cremble and was about to slice his throat when Pike freed him. Cremble then knocked him out.

The officer was later stationed aboard the Essex, chasing down Jack Sparrow and Carina Smyth. He and the British soldier accompanied Scarfield to the prison where the witch Shansa was being held. The two stood with Scarfield as he spoke with the witch. Later, the officer spotted Jack Sparrow's ship, the Dying Gull, and alerted Scarfield. They captured the crew, only to discover that Scrum was now the captain and Sparrow was gone. They threatened to beat Scrum to death until the crew revealed where Jack had gone. Later, however, the crew managed to get out of their cell and escape in a longboat.

The Essex later found the Black Pearl, being captained by Hector Barbossa. Just as they were about to fire the Essex's cannons on the Pearl, the crew heard a strange noise behind them, which turned out to be the Silent Mary, which crushed the Essex, killing everyone on board.

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