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"What's all this?"
"Tribute, sir.
Jack Sparrow and Bowen[src]

Bowen was a pirate who operated in the Caribbean during the 18th century.


Early lifeEdit

It is unknown when was Bowen born or where he came from, but when he grew up he became a pirate in the Caribbean. He eventually joined the crew of the Wicked Wench, serving under Captain Morgan.[2]

Battle off the Devil's TriangleEdit

Some time after Bowen joined the Wench's crew, the notorious Spanish capitán Armando Salazar, El Matador Del Mar, vowed to clean the seas from piracy. With his warship, the Silent Mary, and his loyal crew, Salazar destroyed dozens of ships, bringing piracy to the brink of extinction. The last pirates in the Caribbean eventually joined forces and formed a fleet in an attempt to sink the Silent Mary. The Wicked Wench was part of the fleet.[2]

In a fierce battle off the coast of the mysterious Devil's Triangle, most of the pirate fleet was destroyed, and the Wicked Wench remained the only pirate ship left afloat. Captain Morgan was mortally wounded, and he gave command of the ship to a young pirate Jack. Jack took the helm, steering the ship towards the Triangle. With the rest of the crew Bowen followed Jack's orders to prepare the bootleg turn. Followed by the Silent Mary, the Wench changed her course at the last moment, right in front the Triangle. The Spanish had no choice but to sail right into the dark cave where the Spanish ship hit the reefs and exploded, killing the entire crew. A few moments later, Bowen gave his cutlass to Jack as a tribute, and the rest of the crew followed his example.[2]

Destruction of Barbossa's fleetEdit

Many years after the supposed death of Captain Salazar, Bowen was still a pirate, now serving on the Red Dragon, a ship that was part of the pirate fleet of Hector Barbossa. As the Red Dragon sailed through the ocean, Bowen went to the main deck to get a drink of water. Then, he noticed an undead seagull landing on the side of the ship.[2]

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The undead seagull frightens Bowen.

At first, Bowen thought that he was hallucinating, seeing a rotten corpse of bird that still moved like a living creature. However, the next moment he saw the Silent Mary on the horizon. As the Mary sailed right into the starboard side of the Dragon her bow opened like the jaws of a giant sea monster. Seemingly indestructible, the Spanish ship crushed the pirate ship, cutting her in half like a razor.[2]

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