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Blackwall Yard
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London, Great Britain


Great Britain

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"I believe, Captain, that this frigate is a pirate vessel. We need to think about what to do when she catches us, in an hour or so."
"Mr. Sparrow, you're not listening. That ship is almost certainly a Royal Navy vessel, purchased from Blackwall shipyard. Whoever has heard of a pirate possessing such a ship?
Jack Sparrow and Nathaniel Bainbridge[src]

Blackwall Yard was a shipyard on the River Thames at Blackwall, London, engaged in ship building and later ship repairs for over 120 years.

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"Don't be payin' any attention to that frog-eater, Cap'n Sparrow, sir. He knows the best ships are made by Blackwall, and set sail from English ports."
Lucius Featherstone on Etienne de Ver[src]

In 1607, the East India Trading Company decided to build its own ships and leased a yard in Deptford, London. The situation worsened when the Deptford yard came to be expensive to run. In 1614 the East India Company outgrew Deptford and ordered William Burrell to begin work on a new yard for repair, construction and loading of out-going ships. The site Burrell selected was at Blackwall. The new yard was fully operational by 1617. Later on in the 17th century the East India Company reverted to its original practice of hiring vessels. In many cases the owners who chartered their vessel to the East India Company had them built at Deptford and Blackwall.

The HMS Peregrine, a frigate of the British Royal Navy, was built in Blackwall Yard at some point during the early 18th century.

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