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A huge 2 ft. playset with plastic grey sails, launching cannons, a breakaway prison wall and mast and more! Perfect for display, play while watching movies, creative play, ore as a centerpiece for parties. Any Zizzle figure can crew it. As a bonus, there is a series of pegs on the yardarms for duels far up away from others. Any pirate can man the turning helm or walk the plank. Jack's cabin, below deck, and a secret area are available. A treasure chest and barrels can be scattered on the deck. A boat was made for the secret area below Jack's cabin for a fast getaway. Climbing to the crows nest, any sailor can watch what may come on the horizon. Any pirate worth his salt would want to purchase this fine ship, but she'll be needin' a cap'n, so purchase Captain Jack Sparrow with her!

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