Billie Bones and Other Ditties

Billie Bones and Other Ditties is an album of pirate music. Among the songs is Two Hornpipes (Tortuga), which was later purchased by Disney for use in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

The music is either traditional sea shanties or composed by Skip Henderson. The music was performed by Skip Henderson and the Starboard Watch.

Track listingEdit

  1. The Quilty Hornpipe
  2. Billy Bones
  3. General Taylor
  4. Tarpaulin Jacket
  5. Ben Backstay''
  6. Two Hornpipes
  7. The Mermaid
  8. Bold Jack
  9. Fifteen Men (Bottle O' Rum)
  10. Kerry recruit
  11. We're All Bound to Go
  12. Two Waltzes
  13. Sailor's Consolation
  14. Porter
  15. Chivalrous Shark
  16. Oliver Martin (Whiskey Harbor)
  17. Song Of A Ship

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