Captain Bellamy
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Around the 1680s or the 1690s[1]


Late 1720s, aboard the Edinburgh Trader



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Edinburgh Trader

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Dead Man's Chest

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Dead Man's Chest


Killed by the Kraken


Alex Norton

"An honest sailor is what I am. I make my living fair and I sleep well each night."

Bellamy was the captain of the Edinburgh Trader. He spoke with a Scottish accent and was a straight-thinking, earnest man.

Biography Edit

Captain Bellamy attempted to quash rumors that his ship was haunted after the crew found Elizabeth Swann's dress aboard, who assumed it belonged to an avenging spirit. In an attempt to persuade the crew otherwise, Bellamy ordered them to find whoever the dress belonged to.

In time, Bellamy expressed his annoyance at the East India Trading Company and was eventually coaxed by his crew to stop in Tortuga, where the crew made a substantial amount of profit off the books. On the way back from Tortuga, Bellamy picked up William Turner adrift at sea, an action that ultimately led to the Kraken attacking the ship. Bellamy was its first victim, being plucked from the deck by a tentacle and dragged underwater to his death. The Edinburgh Trader would soon share its late captain's watery fate.

Bellamy's death was not without a sense of dark humor. He was swiftly and silently seized by a tentacle while his crewmen's backs were turned. Unaware that their captain was no longer on board, they expressed confusion as to why the Deckhand, who solely witnessed it, was trembling in fear. Their answer came flying out of the ocean: Captain Bellamy in the grasp of a massive tentacle, before being dragged back underwater and presumably eaten by the Kraken.

Personality and Traits Edit

Bellamy was an honest and level-headed man. As a merchant captain, he insisted on making an honest living and refused to do business in Tortuga until commanded to do so by the "spirit" aboard his ship. He despised the superstition that was common among sailors at the time and did his best to eliminate its presence aboard his vessel.
Kraken attacks 1

The Kraken drags Captain Bellamy to his doom

Behind the scenesEdit


References Edit

  1. Estimation based on Alex Norton's age during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, and the fact that Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides takes place in 1750, approximately twenty years after the events of Dead Man's Chest.
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