Beckett Trading Company
General information

Raleigh Beckett


Jonathan Beckett Sr.

Notable members

Jonathan Beckett Sr.
Jonathan Beckett Jr.
Bartholomew Beckett


Unknown, possibly London



Other information

Great Britain
Beckett family

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Price of Freedom

Latest appearance

The Price of Freedom

"Sir, I know you plan to retire soon, and turn over the management of the Beckett Trading Company to my brothers. Perhaps I could join them in working there?"
Cutler Beckett to Jonathan Beckett Sr.[src]

The Beckett Trading Company was a merchant company in England. Founded during the second half of the 17th century, over the years the Company became one of the top five shipping companies in the whole Great Britain. The manager of the Company in the late 1720s was Jonathan Beckett Sr., the father of Cutler Beckett.


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