Beckett's Quarry
General information

North America


Padres Del Fuego

Notable inhabitants

Black Coats
Royal Marines
Edgar Chipburn
Dog Warbones
Isaiah McPratt
Jason Calicobutler
Marc Badmorrigan
Samuel Wildbeard
Simon Coalmorrigan
Thomas Sharkspinner
Bart Tackkid
Undead Brigands
Vampire Bats


British Royal Navy
East India Trading Company

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Latest appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Beckett's Quarry is a large cavern located in the side of the towering volcano on Padres Del Fuego. Former pirates, forced into slavery, toil away under the watch of the Royal Navy and the Black Guard. Formidable soldiers, such as Veterans from wars and East India Trading Company Assassins, guard the cavern. Lord Cutler Beckett is not looking for gold or silver in the cavern, but a mysterious pirate lore book that holds the secret to controlling the Caribbean. There are only three ways out, one is into the infamous Catacombs, swarming with Jolly Roger's skeletons, the other is to El Sudoron, and the last leads to Los Padres. Near the entrance leading to the Catacombs, Jolly Roger's army is slowly breaking through into Beckett's Quarry. The Royal Navy is trying to fight the skeletons back, but are slowly losing the battle. If Jolly Roger succeeds in taking over Beckett's Quarry, he will be one step closer to controlling Padres Del Fuego.


Navy Sergeants battling Undead Brigands near the entrance of the Catacombs.


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