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"Alright Stupid...beg your pardon."
"You've had fun with that pirate's piece of eight. So how about handing it over. Savvy?
Jack Sparrow and Barnaby[src]

Barnaby, better known as "Stupid" Barnaby, was a pirate thug who lived in the slums of Shipwreck City.

Biography Edit

Prior to the fourth meeting of the Brethren Court, "Stupid" Barnaby stole the piece of eight of Pirate Lord Sri Sumbhajee, who was in drunken stupor at the Cutlass Tavern. Barnaby would later be confronted by Captain Jack Sparrow, who intended to take the piece back, so that the meeting could commence. Barnaby and his gang fought Sparrow, culminating in a brawl between him and Jack. Barnaby was defeated however, and the piece was taken from him.[1]

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