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Attack on the Fair Wind


Attack on the Spanish galleon

Attack on the Wicked Wench



The Bahamas


EITC victory. The pirate ship destroyed.


EITCo flag

Crew of the Wicked Wench

Rogue Pirates' flag

Rogue pirates

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Boris Palachnik


One galleon

One sloop


Micah Wilson
Sam Hopkins
Nathan Bolton
Seven crewmen wounded.

One ship sunk.
No survivors.

"If Chamba hasn't explained, this is what's happening. We've got a rogue pirate closing in on us, and he's made his intention to attack us clear. The rogue pirates are the ones that give no quarter, savvy? That means they take no prisoners. If they capture us, we're all dead."
Jack Sparrow to Amenirdis, Tarek, and Shabako[src]

The Attack on the Wicked Wench was a battle in the early 1730s between the pirate ship Koldunya captained by Boris "Borya" Palachnik and the EITC merchant ship Wicked Wench captained by Jack Sparrow. Borya, the former Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea, wanted to exact revenge on a former pirate Jack Sparrow who caused the downfall of his rogue pirate fleet five years earlier. The battle ended with the complete victory for the merchant ship, thanks to the Zerzuran princess Amenirdis who used her magic to cause the explosion in the powder magazine of the pirate ship.


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