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Fight on Isla de Muerta 17
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Attack on the Wicked Wench


Battle at Liang Dao's palace

Attack on the Spanish galleon

Quest for the Shadow Gold




Caribbean Sea


Victory of the pirate crew


Sparrow flag

Crew of the Black Pearl

Modern Flag of Spain

Spanish crew

Captain Jack Sparrow

Spanish Captain


One galleon
Dozens of pirates

One galleon
Dozens of sailors



One galleon captured and plundered

"Yes. You're right, the noble Captain Jack Sparrow can't just sit idly by and let gold—I mean, this fine young lady—sail off to her doom. Clearly, we must go after the go—I mean, the young lady. It's only right and proper. Crew! Trim the jib! Man the helm! We've got some rescuing to do!"
Jack Sparrow[src]

The Attack on the Spanish galleon was an attack of Jack Sparrow's pirate crew on a Spanish galleon in the Caribbean. The goal of the pirate attack was the liberation of Princess Carolina, who was imprisoned on the Spanish ship, but aside from saving a pretty young lady, Jack Sparrow also wanted to steal chests of Spanish gold which were onboard the ship. After a quick fight, the battle ended with the complete pirate victory. After they looted the Spanish ship, the crew of the Black Pearl sailed for New Orleans.

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