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Anna Penwallow
Biographical information


Ethnic group



Reginald Marmaduke Bracegirdle-Penwallow (father)
Hortense Penwallow (mother)
Frederick Penwallow (brother)
Sally (daughter)
Marvin (son)
Christopher (son)

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Price of Freedom

Latest appearance

The Price of Freedom

"Do you have children, Lord Penwallow? It sounds as though you're building a large plantation house."
"Yes, two. But our daughter Anna is married, and no doubt she'll stay in England, though I hope she might visit and bring the children.
Jack Sparrow and Reginald Marmaduke Bracegirdle-Penwallow[src]

Anna Penwallow was the daughter of the Viscount, Lord Reginald Marmaduke Bracegirdle-Penwallow and Hortense Penwallow. She was married and had children. She lived in England and continued to after her father bought property in New Avalon.


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