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Angelica and Blackbeard

"Oh, Latin blood, like her mother!"
"Father, I beg you!
Angelica and Blackbeard[src]

This family was the bloodline that of two known members: Angelica and Blackbeard.



During their time together, Blackbeard and Angelica were a formidable partnership. Sharp-witted Angelica had a talent to dazzle and deceive, learned from Jack Sparrow himself, whereas Blackbeard was a master of the dark arts. Bet there was more to this collaboration than meets the eye; as Angelica was Blackbeard's daughter.[1] Even though they had a familial relationship, they would not have met until Angelica was a young woman.

Quest for the Fountain of YouthEdit

Blackbeard had been unbeatable since Angelica joined forces with him. She created the elaborate charade that ensured the capture of Jack Sparrow, inspired loyalty in the living members of his crew, and became a notable apprentice. But Angelica wanted Blackbeard to become a better man—and prevent his eternal soul from descending into darkness. Though in order for Blackbeard to escape his inevitable death, predicted by the Quartermaster, he must steal fresh years at the Fountain of Youth. He would have taken the years of any one of his crewmen, including his own daughter Angelica, who would do anything to save his life.[1]

Known family membersEdit

Family treeEdit

Blackbeard--+--Unknown female

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The name "Angelica and Blackbeard" comes from a section from On Stranger Tides: The Visual Guide.
  • Though there were concerns of Blackbeard and Angelica's relationship, it was revealed in On Stranger Tides that Angelica was the daughter of Blackbeard. However, with Angelica's last name hasn't been revealed yet, makes the official family name unknown.



Notes and referencesEdit

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